Medicate your customers

Here is a 10-20 min exercise you can do to bring yourself back on track aligning your value proposition to your customers’ pain points. Grab a pen and let’s go!

Need A Number Nifty?

What was it about this strange little ear-worm that we just cannot un-remember?

CarolannK Beauty Studio

Premium branding, exquisite site development and a comprehensive strategy to bring it all to market, this project was as ambitious and aspirational as Carolann and we were thrilled with the final execution.

Pared Back Fitness

Anna approached us about cultivating a visual identity that would cut through in a noisy, cluttered fitness market place. Anna needed a brand that would speak to the diverse clientele she works with; being careful not to isolate or alienate while staying true to her clearly defined core values. 


The Lúnasa brand is about balance, grounding, nourishment and fulfilment.

Xpanse Analytics

A new, ambitious startup Xpanse AI approached me about shaping their content strategy to bring a new product to market. Xpanse Insights is a powerful tool that allows users to harness the power of Big Data in mere clicks.

Yin Space Yoga

Embracing the year of the pivot, Karen came to me seeking support positioning the Whitelight Virtual Events propositions.

10 reasons you should hire a copywriter

When it comes to the dark art of content creation or copywriting, many businesses see an opportunity to flash their DIY charms. It’s only a bit of writing right?

Two Strategic Questions

These should be the easiest two questions to answer; your responses will give shape to your strategy and pull you back on track if some misinformed zeal takes hold.


The Lúnasa brand is about balance, grounding, nourishment and fulfilment.