Tamara Howard is an energetic, creative and shrewdly-organised professional combining over 10 years of management experience in consumer marketing, project management, branding, brand strategy development, advertising, email marketing and concept development. She believes in listening to her Clients and, in turn, allowing them to listen to their customer; working seamlessly together to find the right message, in the right place at the right time. 

Tamara’s work has rippled through a whole host of industries from Telecommunications, CRM, IT, Construction, Public Sector Agencies and Financial Services in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. She has had the privilege of working with international blue chip brands as well as some tasty little challenger brands, so she can understand unique marketing and communications challenges at all levels.

In her spare time (if there is such a thing!) Tamara manages an ever-growing personal blog featuring writing across a wide range of topics as well as delivering a weekly email newsletter to her base of engaged readers. This communication is supported by a cohesive, multi-channel social media strategy. 

Tamara is known for being able to subsume a Brand’s unique identity and adapting her writing Tone of Voice to suit, as well as for stunningly-devised and strategic social media conversation calendars.

Bottom line:
Tamara loves solving problems and will work as tirelessly as you do to achieve your business objectives. 

Ripley the Doberman (Head of Security)

Without doubt Ripley is an integral part of the Tamara Howard Comms team. She is a silent pillar of support and a custodian of secrets.

She likes long walks on the beach, kong bones and unrelenting afternoon snores. She claims to enjoy networking events “as long as there are no cats”.

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