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Brand Audit

This is where the real magic happens...

A brand audit is one of the unsung heroes in your marketing toolbox, and anyone who has undergone this process comes out the other side with a clearer understanding of their business, market and customers’ needs.

On this journey, you will also uncover any blind spots where your competition is communicating with more salience and effectiveness.

A brand audit can be an extensive process, depending on your business, industry and requirements but some of the areas we can review are:

  • Internal branding: Are you living up to your mission statement, do you walk the talk?
  • External branding: This will involve a comprehensive review of all channels & touchpoints to identify your brand strengths & weaknesses.
    • Social media accounts
    • Website
    • Print materials
    • Paid ads
    • Email campaigns
    • Physical experience (in-store experience etc.)
  • Competitive review: Comprehensive examination of your main competitors identifying their strengths, weakness & areas that can be leveraged.
  • Further research: This may include surveys of staff, customers or non-converted people who match your customer persona.

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