I believe SMEs deserve better

I left the corporate world in 2019 to pursue my own marketing consultancy business. Since then the world has been shaken, and the SME sector has been rocked. I don’t need to tell you how hard it has been, you’ve lived and breathed it! 

One thing that struck me particularly is how challenged SME businesses are when it comes to planning and executing their marketing, as well as measuring ROI.

In a fragmented world, it’s hard to know where to turn. You want a return on your investment and to have confidence in the people you work with, however, sadly that’s not always easy to navigate. 

I want to make your life easier with improved, more effective communication strategies. That means being more measurable, tactical, compelling, and aligned with your brand. 

A little more about me

I read constantly, I love to hoover up books and always have a recommendation if you’re in need of a literary distraction.

I like big dogs, and I cannot lie! I have a Doberdane called Dutch who likes to take me for drags (not walks) along country lanes and beaches. 

I used to sing many years ago, although I can’t claim any major skill in that area now. My claim to fame is that I sang backing on a Cranberries album when I was a kid.

In my spare time, I rescue unwanted plants from homeware stores. I love nursing some greenery back to life and watching it thrive. 

Hiking, hiking, hiking. I am an “active relaxer” and love the feeling of my legs burning and lungs on fire as I clamber ungracefully up the side of a mountain. 

What is a "Strategic Visual Marketer" Anway?!

Great Question!

I’ve had many existential crises, trying to work out what box I fit in, but the truth is I could never find the right container to describe the breadth of experience I have. So I created my own title. 

I have run multi-million euro advertising campaigns for global Bluechip brands, run below-the-line campaigns for complex telecoms bases of literally hundreds of thousands of customers. I am also a qualified digital & web designer, podcast host, graphic design trainer, mentor and writer.

I live and breathe communication of so many different kinds, so that’s where the title Strategic Visual Marketer comes from. 

But you can call me Tamara. 

My Non-Negotiable Values


No Nasty Surprises...Ever

I operate a policy of 100% transparency at all times. I personally have no time for confusing proposals or pricing schemes, so I ensure that there are never any surprises in terms of output, pricing or deadlines. What is agreed is what is delivered, every time.



Great customer service and quality communication should be the standard, but I take these principles to the next level. I do not rest until my clients are thoroughly delighted with the service I provide. It is my mission to make my clients my ambassadors, freely shouting out their great experiences.


Personal Service

My Clients know they can rely on me 100% and that they will receive a dedicated service. They can pick up the phone and call me at a time that suits them and can rely on advice that is not fuelled by upsell targets or bias. I provide an approachability that larger agencies simply can’t.

Let's Talk Over Virtual Coffee

I’m excited to hear more about where your challenges currently lie, and how I might be able to help. 

Book a commitment-free chemistry call with me and let’s see what magic we can conjure up.