Pared Back Fitness

Pared Back Fitness

About this work

An ambitious business owner facing into the months of uncertainty in 2020; Anna approached us about cultivating a visual identity that would cut through in a noisy, cluttered fitness market place. Anna needed a brand that would speak to the diverse clientele she works with; being careful not to isolate or alienate while staying true to her clearly defined core values. 


November 2020


Brand strategy & soul search
Logo design
Tone of voice placement
Content & copywriting 
Web design with e-commerce functionality 

We worked with Anna to carve out a completely bespoke brand & visual identity by delving deep into the essence of her core values. We captured her tone practically and expressed it enthusiastically with a clean, sophisticated strategy.

To ensure her business was not impacted by delays or unnecessary downtime, we established a dedicated online presence complete with e-commerce functionality.

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